Full Package / Manufacturing

Our Full Package service specializes in making your textile needs into a reality. Our above standard team dedicates itself in developing your designs into production ready products. It all starts with understanding your needs, from there we look for the perfect materials needed to produce your designs and at the end of the process we ship your goods store ready.

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Our team consists of:


Our Development and design team consist of a team of 8 highly professional personnel whose knowledge will help you with all your textile needs.

Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to the following:

  • Printing
  • Desgin
  • Pattern making
  • Embroidery
  • Fabrics
  • Trims
  • Manufactruing
  • Pricing

Pattern Making

Our pattern making team consist of 3 highly trained personnel on the areas of pattern making, cutting, and manufacturing.

We work with both Gerber and Morgan systems on the creation of patterns.


Our trim department main goal is to guarantee that the products purchased comply with the requirements needed and are on time for production. In order to achieve this, we are in constant contact with our suppliers both to check on quality and delivery times.

Our team is on a nonstop search of suppliers in order to provide options to our clients and to prevent our plants capacity to be limited due to the supply of trims.

We have a strict quality and inventory control of all trims purchased before it is stored for later production on special areas designated for such. Having such control enables us to keep inventory levels on check and decrease overstock and obsolete trims.


Our administrative production team consists of highly trained personnel from our chief of production to our in line analysts. We have 600 employees in our plants. These personnel are highly trained in order to sow both knit and woven products of the highest quality. The combination of 33 years of work and training our personnel has acquired the culture of service and on time deliveries which makes Iblu a facility recognized for such qualities.

Our plants are equipped with machinery of latest technology. We have an installed capacity of 3,700,000 minutes per month which gives us an average of 200,000 units a month. We the flexibility to work with both knit and woven products. 98% of our sowing personnel has the is trained to work on any type of machine and fabric which enables us to be very efficient and shorten our production lead times.

We have a state of the art cutting room equipped with an NEXT 70 HM Morgan automatic cutting machine. These machine is used on 3 cutting tables of 18.5 meters each. In addition to this we have a 13-meter table used for manual cutting for extra capacity. On average our cutting room processes 350,000 units per month keeping our plants with enough stock to work with constantly.

It is imperative to state that all of our manufacturing processes and our facilities comply with all international law and local legislation on labor which has enabled us throughout the years to guarantee the well-being of our employees giving them an ideal work space for them to excel.