Who are we?

We are an Industrial Service Provider located within the free zone of Rionegro, which performs logistics operations aiding our business partners by performing optimal processes based on guaranteeing the efficiency of the supply chain, through an integrated system that gives way to continuous improvement of such.

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What we offer

We offer a comprehensive service combining international trade in a 360-degree logistics process. From the moment of receiving the Proforma Invoice from our customers, we generate full traceability for monitoring and control of the product to be imported until receiving the containers in our warehouses within the Free Zone. We provide advice and support on all regulatory issues in order to make the correct decision when it comes to: Customs tariffs, certificates and product documentation necessary. Pre inspection process is performed on reception, to ensure that the imported product matches and meets the requirements for proper introduction to the country.

We have a module made up of 20 flat stitching machines in order to process clothing and textile products to concur with the current legislation regarding labeling rules.

We offer our customers inverse logistics processes. It all starts from receipt of the product advancing to the classification, adaptation, marking and disposal of the product according to customer's requests and needs.

Our Infrastructure


We have 17 warehouses within the Free Zone of Rionegro, with an area of 13,569 square meters with a capacity for 394 containers. It is all controlled with a global WMS system that allows us to make a complete product traceability from receipt to the clearance of goods and automation for picking and order processing.

Receiving orders

We receive EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) orders, processing tags with the latest of technologies preventing the misuse of information or errors of processing. We develop labels, tags and anything required by the customer that is needed along their products.

Order Processing

Our Fully automated processing allows us to dispatch orders either from picking or straight from processing stations.

Work Stations

We work by modules on the floor stations and storage at the top. In these modules we do different types of processes such as: pricing, product bundling, packaging or any special request that the customer requests.


We have specialized machinery in order to properly perform the picking activities. All product is stowed and stored in shelves according to product characteristics.


We consolidate and ship to DC (Distribution Centers) throughout the Colombian national territory.

Our Clients

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